Indie Gala’s Final Humpday Bundle For 2016 Will Save You Up To 95% Off 11 Games


It’s the last Wednesday of 2016 and that means the final Hump Day Bundle of the year is up on the Indie Gala site. The bundle is available for TODAY ONLY but if you hurry, you can get 11 games for only $3.49 — saving 95% off the full price.

As with most bundle deals, this one has tiers. The first tier allows you to obtain the following three games by spending $1 or more:

Brushwood Buddies

Waste Walkers

Steel Invaders

The second tier grants you the first three games plus eight more if you spend $3.49 or more. The other eight games are:

Santa Rockstar HD

Eurgava: Fight for Haaria

Funk Lift

Le Havre: The Inland Port

Broken Bots




All games are available for PC and come with Steam keys. Some also offer Mac or Linux versions. Keep in mind that you only have 24 hours to grab this bundle. After that, it will be no more.

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