Humble Bundle Offering Over $600 Worth Of Game Dev Software For Around $10

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Aspiring game devs… Now is definitely your time. If you’re generally broke and have been wanting to get your hands on some (legal) software without much cost, then hop over to Humble Bundle now. The software bundle site is offering up a bunch of game development software — $628 worth in fact — and you can grab all of it for around $10.

As is the case with all bundle deals, you can buy in at a price your comfortable with, getting a varying selection of software. Your offering in the first tier will cost you $1 or more for these four bits of software:

  • Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Standard
  • Pyxel Edit (Beta)
  • Spriter Pro
  • Spriter Pro Game Effects Art Pack

Tier two offers more Spriter software and will currently run you $6.78 — remember that the prices will fluctuate based on the average purchase. The full list includes:

  • HTML5 Exporter
  • Marmoset Hexels 2.5
  • Tadoist Premium 1 year subscription
  • Spriter Pro Basic Platformer, Adventure Platformer, and Run N’ Gun
  • Platformer Art Packs
  • PICO-8

Finally, for $10 or more, you can grab everything listed above as well as:

  • Sprite Illuminator Lifetime License
  • Spriter Pro RPG Heroes and Radius Wing SHMUP Art Packs
  • Voxatron
  • 1Password Families 1 year subscription

As always, this bundle will help support charity, with proceeds going to the EFF and Child’s Play.

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